Manage your after sales services effectively with intelligent cloud ERP System..!

After sales service is an important aspect for business growth as it ensures the return of the client. You must be able to provide immediate and effective support to customers who purchase and install your products.


Challenges faced:

Warranty: If a product does not work or is damaged, the service and repair must be prompt and complete if the product is under warranty, billable, or under a service contract in the best way possible. Also, keeping a note of the warranty period of different products hence becomes essential.

Inter-departmental Communication: Once the damaged product is received, it needs to be sent to the concerned departments for repair work. So, different departments should have effective communication to ensure proper re-delivery of the repaired product.

Managing Dispatch Process: Once a product is repaired it needs to be dispatched to its delivery location for which the accurate delivery address and customer details have to be maintained. Tracking of the dispatch process becomes easier with OctaBees Repair & Replace Module.

Invoice: If the damaged product received is not in warranty period, then proper invoice needs to be generated which includes all the relevant charges like service charge, cost incurred in buying new parts to be replaced, delivery charge etc. once the product is repaired.

 Serve better and retain your clients!

OctaBees ERP Repair and Replace is one such versatile module which facilitates repair works of broken or damaged products/Assets and supports a firm’s goal to respond quickly to its customer’s service needs by controlling the service and repair cycle. This module provides the ability to manage service contracts, launch service and repair orders, define service job requirements, receive and track damaged products throughout their repair stages, report progress proactively on the customer’s repair, and ship/bill the customer with accuracy. Along with this you get timely notifications and SMS on your mobile device.

This module is well-equipped with the underlisted features :

  • Gate-In Material, record entry
  • Forward to department, multi-department
  • Replace Sub-parts
  • Mark Ready to dispatch
  • Generate Repair Invoice


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