Optimize your procurement potential !

The purchase department is responsible for purchasing materials required for manufacturing products in the right quantities, of the right quality and at the right time.

It should also see that all these purchasing is done at minimum cost.

Meet all your purchase challenges accurately with OctaBees

 OctaBees ERP Purchase Module streamlines procurement of required raw materials. It automates the processes of identifying potential suppliers, negotiating price, generating a purchase order and billing process.

Purchase module is tightly integrated with the inventory control and production planning module allowing you to access exact stock quantities and then take further decisions accordingly.

What’s more??

  • Request For Quotation (RFQ): The company can send RSQ to various vendors and compare all of them together to decide the most efficient and suitable quotation for their business.
  • PO Approval & Locking: After choosing the best quotation a purchase order can be easily approved and locked so as not to be tampered once the order is placed. If the quantity requirements or any other change is to be made the user needs to send a request before being able to do so.
  • Comparison of PO and Vendor Invoice: OctaBees EPC ERP Software allows an automated comparison and deductions between the purchase order and the invoice created by vendor to get rid of any anomaly between them. This saves the company from a lot of manual work, time and ensures higher accuracy.
  • Tracking Purchase Order: Along with this, it allows tracking of each purchase order right from the stage when it is created till the material is reached to the ordered destination, enables quality check of the received material and checks unfulfilled requirements if any and notifies the user.

Here are some of its key features :

  • Purchase Requisition & Approval
  • Vendor Management
  • PO Approval
  • PO Lock & Revision
  • Bill Receipts, Record Payment
  • RFQ-Request for Quotation (Vendor Tendering), and Proposal Comparison
  • Receive Material in Batch, Record Serial Numbers
  • Material QC & Return Process
  • Reports: Due Payment Report, PO vs Invoice Price, Pending Quantity



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