Never miss a Lead, Follow-ups & Opportunity for Business


  • Basic Lead Info
  • Job Assignment (ex. Follow ups, Meetings, Site Survey, Inspection etc)
  • Follow up Schedule & Reminders
  • Send Company Profile, Product Brochure, Introduction Email with Single click
  • Lead History
  • Report: Lead Conversion Ratio, Lead Source wise, Leads by Sales Rep, Lead location wise and many more.


Evaluate Your Lead through various processes before sending Quotation

Qualified lead can pass through various processes before giving quotation to client for example site survey, technical analysis, design and BOM preparation.

Manage and track your all lead stages.

Upload Photos, Documents and fill Site Survey form from Mobile App

Collaborating field staff with back office has always posed as a challenge. OctaBees Lead module with Mobile app helps to solve this problem by easing inter-communication within the departments and collecting information in real time to enable fast conversion from lead to quotation to customer order.


Provide Mobile App to your Dealers to upload Lead and Documents for you.

OctaBees solution helps you to provide smart technology to your dealers to enable them to make inquiry and documentation faster for the end customers.

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