Timely and accurate billing is the lifeline of any business!

OctaBees ERP Billing Module provides a completely integrated application for automatically generating all your essential customer billing documents. Final price extensions, discounts, taxes, and expenses are all recorded in and itemized to create accurate customer invoices. The software also prompts you to approve eligible shipped orders or delivered contracts for the purpose of generating and printing invoices, credit memos, and debit memos. It captures fully detailed data for use by Accounts Receivable subsidiary ledger, Sales Analysis reporting and the General Ledger system.

OctaBees EPC ERP Invoicing Module supports multinational capabilities for document generation and posting in foreign currency. This provides the necessary information to account for the exchange rate variances that occur between the time a sales order is shipped, billed and paid and the time when the actual bank deposit is made.

Creating an invoice becomes effortlessly easier and efficient with the given features:

  • Create Invoice
  • Record Payment Entry
  • Payment Acknowledgement Auto Notification: SMS/Email
  • Due Payment Auto Reminders: SMS/Email
  • Customize the Invoice format matching business needs
  • Report: Due Payment Report, Credit Note, Debit Note, Monthly Payment





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