A 360-degree control system for all your inventory affairs

In order to use your material resources effectively, it is mandatory for you to know how much inventory is available with you, in what quantity and where it is located. A little mismanagement on this part can take a heavy toll on your business.

Retain on-hand information about your resources with OctaBees

OctaBees ERP System with its well-equipped Inventory Module helps you to have a proper reporting of inventory in your store and ware house, take quick decisions and enables the most efficient stocking methods for your inventory.

OctaBees ERP Inventory Module provides a collaborative approach towards inventory management by syncing store houses with the entire supply chain. Key updates on stock, order and shipping information is properly communicated to every department and selection of quality material is thus ensured.

Thus, reducing manual labour, it automates and streamlines the processes – all of which goes hand-in-hand with growing a business.

It is furnished with the following features :

  • Product Category, Product and Variant setup
  • Warehouse Management
  • Warehouse Location setup (Zone, Rack, Stack etc)
  • Stock In, Stock Out and Transfer
  • Inventory Audit, Setup Frequencies
  • Serial Number wise Tracking
  • Pallet Transaction for bulk items
  • Barcode Enabled Screens
  • Barcode Printing
  • Good Receipt Note, Delivery Challan Printing
  • Reports: Low Stock Report, Over Stock Report, Stock Valuation




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