To remain competitive, you must keep a tight rein on costs!

The EPC cost generally comprises of :

  • land survey
  • leveling
  • engineering
  • design
  • installation
  • Commissioning of the project within plant boundary.

OctaBees is the solution to all your challenges!

Owing to the dynamic nature of the business, OctaBees ERP Costing Module is an effective way that allows you to quickly calculate cost associated with purchase and productions and other costs to be incurred. It also presents these costs in a variety of format with sufficient detail to effectively analyze cost elements. Plus it provides immediate comparison to actual costs with variances presented at summary and detail levels. OctaBees Mobile app allows you to manage your costing efficiently and conveniently through your device at any instant of time.

Make your costing effective by:

  • Prepare Costing
  • Material finalization from BOM
  • Material Pricing from FIFO, Stock Average, LIFO, Last Purchase, Market Price
  • Expenses & Charges for Project



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