Solar Pump Project Management

OctaBees has proven ways to manage solar pump projects including subsidy data.  It is easy to track project progress and record all beneficiary data in software

Following are salient features of Solar Pump Project Management System in OctaBees.

Web App Features

  • Tender Management
  • Project Management
  • Beneficiary File Upload
  • Work Order Creation
  • Print JCC and Other Documents
  • Subsidy, Payment, Due and more Reports
  • Beneficiary Share collection
  • Purchase & Inventory
  • Project Management & Tracking
  • Expense & Payment
  • HR (Employee, Leave, Timesheet, Payroll)
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Costing & BOM Preparation
  • Project Profitability
  • O&M (AMC, Complaints, Services)
  • SMS & Email Notification, Reminders

Mobile App Features

  • Detailed Site Survey (Including regional language)
  • Detailed Installation Form (Including regional Language)
  • Photos with Latitude, Longitude and Address
  • Document Collection
  • Beneficiary Signature
  • Payment Collection
  • Serial Number scanning of Modules, Inverters and Controllers
  • Installer Login
  • Material Receive & Request
  • Update Project Progress
  • Location Tracking
  • Upload Expenses with Bill
  • Approvals of BOM, Leave, Expense, PO for top management
  • Project Progress & Profitability for top management

Tracking Installation and Inventory for Solar Pump Project

It is easy to track installation for each farmer and upload photos using Mobile App after installation.  Serial number wise assignment of material to each project i.e Controller, Solar Panels etc

Mobile App for Solar Pump Project Installer

Check all beneficiary project data on Mobile App and take pictures of site before and after installation. Get Notification on Mobile App as well.

      • View beneficiary Details
      • View Project Detail
      • Upload Photos
      • Assign Serial Number of Pump, Solar Panels & Controller
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