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The manufacturing or value addition process for any product involves a large number of sub processes which makes it complex and difficult for the manufacturing industries to properly maintain and carry out all the stages efficiently.

Any manufacturing process consists of the following processes :

Order -> Planning -> Design -> Prototype -> Manufacturing  -> Testing -> Final Product -> Delivery 


Challenges faced by manufacturing industries:

Human Resource Management: Maintaining the records, jobs assigned to different levels of staff and reviewing their performance is a key factor for the productivity of any industry and this often becomes a tedious task.

Field staff collaboration: All manufacturing industries require a lot of manual labor at each stage to operate machines as well as perform other logical tasks like testing and approving the final product. Collaborating work among field staff of various stages can become chaotic if proper measures are not taken which can adversely affect the timely delivery and quality of the final product.

Inventory and Machine Maintenance: The first step in any manufacturing process is to have the right knowledge about the stock of all the raw materials and resources available in the warehouses to match the need of that required during the process. Besides it is also important to keep a check on the maintenance and proper working of the machines.

Scattered Manufacturing Units: Satisfying the environmental norms set by the government and keeping in mind the pollution and availability of land and resources, a manufacturing industry generally has its various units scattered at different geographical locations. Consolidating work among these units often becomes a challenge.

Tracking, Testing & Final Product: Tracking the product through all the stages of manufacturing process is essential to meet the tentative deadline of product delivery. Keeping an account of the tested products, the faulty ones to be sent for rework, as well as, the final product to be delivered – all these need to be accurate.

Don’t worry. We have got everything in place for you with OctaBees EPC ERP Software!

OctaBees ERP Software with its tested Manufacturing solution is designed smartly to support a range of industry-wide manufacturing & assembly plants challenges by streamlining manufacturing processes through automated planning and delivery. OctaBees ERP has a multilevel BOM that can record all the materials required and helps you to keep a track of the finished goods. You can also manage multiple manufacturing locations for your business through this Software.

What’s Different?

  • Compatibility with small as well as large business:

OctaBees EPC ERP Software is compatible with any type of business processes be it complex or simple. OctaBees Software is well equipped with features to coordinate manufacturing process through large number of assembly lines. Also if yours is a small scale production then OctaBees Software is easily customizable to accommodate your needs.

  • Minimization of rework and wastage of materials:

The efforts during the manufacturing process can be minimized by keeping a check on the wastage and unnecessary rework keeping the track on the manufacturing process through the assembly lines thus controlling the time and cost leakages. It also keeps in account of wastes and scraps at the end of the whole process.

  • Easy access through mobile app:

With the OctaBees EPC ERP mobile app there is no need to rely on desktop computers as all your manufacturing processes can be handled directly through the mobile device.

  • Mobile powered work centres:

The OctaBees ERP EPC Software also facilitates mobile app powered work centres allowing you to keep an eye on the different parts of the manufacturing process across every work station. This will make it easier to assign pending tasks effectively.

  • Easy and accurate tracking of project:
  • All the manufacturing orders can be tracked through mobile app thus increasing visibility of the project from anywhere in the world. Also, timely notifications and remainders are given whenever a task is complete or when there is some error.

Here is all OctaBees ERP Manufacturing Module has for you:

  • Create MO from Customer Order
  • Production planning and Costing
  • Auto load BOM for MO product
  • Setup Routing & Assembly line
  • Create dynamic QC for finish good
  • Material requisition and tracking
  • Finish good Tracking & Transfer
  • Serial number creation and barcode printing
  • Wastage and re-work analysis



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