What is software pricing?

OctaBees Software Pricing depends on package and users you purchases. It varies based on your requirements. Our team will analyse your requirements and based on that package will be offered to you.

Can I host application on my server?

Yes, Our team will configure the software in your server. You would be needing static IP from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  Your networking team will need to do port forwarding.

What if I don't have my server ?

OctaBees ERP Software can be hosted on 3rd party server like ionos.com etc. or OctaBees ERP Software can be hosted on OctaBees’s own server, which yearly chargeable. Please connect with our team to know more about cost of hosting on OctaBees’s Server.

Can I customize the software as per my requirement?

YES. OctaBees ERP Software can be customized by OctaBees team which is chargeable. Cost will depends on your customization requirements.

Can I configure my Invoice, Quotation, Purchase Order Templates

YES, You can configure the templates as many as your want. Its quite easy and flexible.

How we will get the training?

For smaller packages we provide online training, for higher packages our team will travel to your office and provide training to respective departments.

What kind of support I will get?

You will get support for any queries while using software, general troubleshooting or if you have any additional online training requirements.

What would be security of our data?

If system is hosted on your server, you would be responsible for managing your data.  If its on our server we will be taking care of your back up and server.

Can I integrate OctaBees with other software ? like Tally,

YES, you can integrate this software with any other software. All the integration should be done by OctaBees team only.

How I can import my previous data?

We have provided ability to import data for Lead, Customer Order, Purchase, Inventory, Employees, Users and settings data as well. All imports are managed using excel file. We can quickly setup your system and can start working on transaction part.